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Water Heater Repair Los Angeles

How to tell if your hot water isn’t working effectively.

No hot water: If you don’t have any hot water, something is definitely wrong.

Following the manufacturer’s re-set instructions might get your hot water heater running again.

If this doesn’t work, give us a call and we will investigate.

Inadequate hot water: Over time, you may find that your hot water heater isn’t doing as good of a job as it used to. You may need a repair or tune-up, or it might be time to replace your unit.

Scalding hot water: Sometimes, water heaters can work too well! Generally, this is a problem that can be fixed with a little maintenance.

Rust colored water: There are various problems which could lead to rust-colored water coming from your faucet. We are able to diagnose and fix this problem for you.

Rotten egg odor: A rotten egg-like odor coming from your heater could indicate a serious problem, such as a gas leak. Give us a call and we will pinpoint the problem for you.

Low rumbling or popping noise: Sounds coming from your hot water heater (such as a low rumbling noise) could indicate a buildup of sediment. We can clean this for you.

Higher pitched whining: A high pitched whining sound coming from your hot water heater could indicate a few different problems. We can diagnose it with our expertise and knowledge.

Water leaking around the base of heater: Water leaking indicates that part of the heater has been damaged. We can either fix or replace the water heater after a thorough inspection.

We specialize in all kinds of water heater repairs, including hot water heaters, electric water heaters, AO Smith water heaters and more.

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